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The Silk Mill is in the centre of Frome in Somerset.  The building is a restored textile mill which now houses 22 studios and a large naturally top lit gallery. We have just won an award from the Association for Industrial Archaeology for best reuse of an Industrial Building.

Events Coming Up:

Amanda Publicity SAW (1)Mel Sewell (s)the-gathering-adam-b

billy-bottleraising-the-roof-smallerapple_day-smfrome-fright-fest-smallAbnormalist 2, 10th - 13th November 2016
Book Fair

Three Films:


Film about Hassel Smith ExhibitionJuly 2011 (1)



This film was made in 2013 about the restoration of the Silk Mill in as part of the nomination for the Angel Awards.

Sensonic 2013 (film)

by Alex Joseph