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The Silk Mill is an artist studio project and gallery in the centre of the arts destination town of Frome in Somerset.

The gallery hosts exhibitions and a wide variety of musical and social events.

Silk Mill Studios and Gallery operates from one of the best preserved former textile mills anywhere in the south-west. We launched in May 2008 and  have exhibitions, concerts, workshops and a multitude of other events.  If you would like to visit the studios please either contact us or one of the tenants who will arrange a visit for you.  The studios are open to the public during Frome Festival and other Open Studio dates.


The kernel of the Silk Mill started in the early days of the Arnolfini when Damon, who in the 1970s was a student at St. Mary Redcliffe School in Bristol, used to drop in regularly on his way home. At that time the Arnolfini existed as a vibrant venue for a range of local and international multi-arts practice in the spirit of creative experimentation.  Established names and reputations were only part of the picture and there were just as many local and emerging artists showing their work and engaging with visitors.