Isis . Horus . Osiris 2017

The Gathering, Poetry Film by Damon Moore about Adam Birtwistle exhibition.

Time Machine Fashion Show 2016

Historic England Angel Award nomination film 2013

sensonic 2013

Pot Plant - Gulliver Moore

7pm on Friday we were given a genre (fantasy) a character, job, line and prop... 7pm on Sunday we handed in Pot Plant.

Otter / The Exhibition (with music)

The exhibited film OTTER plays the musical phrase of the otter, interspersed with the various stages of the couple's journey.
This film formed part of Intermedia 1 introduced at the Silk Mill Gallery, Frome Festival 2013.

Otter - with words

Intermedia 1/Otter is a non-authored, collaborative performance suitable for a gallery setting following a walk in the country and an odd conversation by Damon Moore, Ciara Nolan, Tina Waller, Dan Gaisford, David Gaitliffe, Jake Hight and Patrick Dunn. Directed and edited by Gulliver Moore, sound by Josie Gallo. The intention is to create an artwork that anyone can understand.

Faces of Frome - Hans Borgonjon

Alone With the Killer Luke Deane

Hassel Smith at the Silk Mill

Home in Frome Carnival Project 2010

Barry Cooper Film 2008

Poot Shoot, Film by Dylan Ethrington, 2007