23rd September 2020

COVID 19 Arrangements


Visitors may only enter on the following basis:-

  1. If absolutely necessary.
  2. The host studio has done a Covid referenced risk assessment.
  3. Visitors hand sanitise on entry and regularly while in the studio.
  4. Visitors wear masks to get in and out of the building and socially distance in studios as appropriate and as per their risk assessment.
  5. Studio hosts meet visitors at the door and accompany them in and out of the building.
  6. Studio hosts inform the rest of the building so that if others see anyone unfamiliar they know where they are going and why.
  7. We challenge anyone that we see in shared spaces who we are not familiar with.
  8. Hosts wipe down the handles etc that visitors may have come into contact with, eg toilets etc.
  9. Visitors give hosts their contact details so that we could track and trace if necessary.
  10. Children are allowed into the building under the appropriate above conditions.

Here is a checklist:


Socially distanced newly scheduled individual events are happening with careful Covid monitoring.

See events pages for details.