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The exhibition represents the journey of plastics to the sea and how they get there – 80% of ocean plastic has come from the land, either from rivers, wind blown and dropped. Contributers to the show are all resident artists at the Silk Mill.

They are:
Maggie Wardell (artist), Hayley Trezise (Raggedy, wearable art), Robert Redman (Pariah Studios), Jenny Raggett (stained glass), Rosie Lee (design), Anthony Oram (design), Mark Noble (potter), Freya Morgan (Fever Leaf, artisan clothing / jewellery), Tim Moore (artist), Joy Merron (installation artist), Kerrie McNeil (screenprinter), Heather McHale (designer), Wendy McCleave painter), Luke Florio (painter), Alexandra Brown (painter), Amanda Bee (painter, printmaker), MountArt (framer).

If you would like to contact any of the artists please go to our Studios page where you will find links to their web-sites.



Songs From the Land





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