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I am an observer.

I photograph my observations.  I like to show the beauty in the everyday – illustrating different outlooks on life and capturing and recording a moment in the present that can be looked back on in the future.  A human expression, a response, or action can create its own story and be interpreted by the viewer in different ways.  The environment is of course hugely influential.

In 2019 I was commissioned to photograph an auction of vintage, agricultural & personal effects of a loved & well-known retired farmer in a small village on the Somerset levels.  The images show real people, respectful, sad, and curious but also joyous at a gathering of old friends and acquaintances – the farming community and villagers coming together nostalgic with memories of village fairs and bygone days.

Visit Jo’s website at www.joturchetphotography.com

Jo Turchet was born in Dorset, spent many of her formative years in Glastonbury, Somerset and now lives in Wiltshire with her wife Tamara and Battersea rescue cat Gigi. 

Perhaps in an attempt to veer away from the artistic household in which she was raised, her father being a well-known Somerset watercolour artist, Jo eventually pursued an academic career as a Private Client lawyer, which she continues to do today but escapes all ‘the noise’ with her love of photography. 

Jo specialises in observation, narrative, street & documentary photography.  Jo says her photography is often not pretty in the traditional sense; ‘there are no milky waterfalls’.  Jo’s photography is instead about soul, about feeling, about capturing a sense of place and time, and instilling a sense of empathy with the subject matter.

In March 2020 two of Jo’s photographs were chosen by a judging panel for exhibiting in the first Open Photography Exhibition run by Swindon Museum & Art Gallery

Jo is influenced by American photographers Vivian Maier, Diane Arbus and Jill Freedman and British photographers Jane Bown, Martin Parr, Tony Ray-Jones and local photographer and mentor Howard Maryon-Davis.