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Branco Stoysin Trio very much enjoyed playing at the Silk Mill.  This is an excerpt from the e-mail that Branco sent us:

We all had a wonderful time and hope we managed to deliver what BST’s mission is and we’re supposed to…to warm the hearts of the audience, yours certainly was a very appreciative one!

We liked your gallery very much, it’s brightness and openness… and I believe it has loads of potential not only for exhibitions but concerts too.

As you can imagine, I’ve approached and been dealing with loads of festivals/venues/promoters but you are so different, positively different which is so unique and refreshing…your festival motto is obviously, and as it well should only be: artistic-merits-only-matters (if only others are same :>) and you even, in the brochure and on website ask for artists submissions for the next festival (I can’t recall that I’ve ever seen that before, maybe once or twice!, what you rather get is a chain of barriers and negativity (to say it gently :>), so one, discerning one, must wonder how on Earth are you supposed to get through and be noticed!? while at the same time everyone everywhere are trumpeting about art opportunities, equality and diversity :>) what? that’s where you festival is a winner, and I hope and wish you stay that way!

Thanks once aging for everything and your warm hearted hospitality, thanks for giving the BST a chance and to be your first group playing in your gallery.

We certainly enjoyed having them play and look forward to their return to Frome in the not too distant future.

This much admired trio blends original pieces and arrangements of enthralling traditional music from former Yugoslavia.


Branco Stoysin Trio

Branco Stoysin – Acoustic Guitar

Lesslee Booth – 6 String Contra Bass

Buster Birch – Percussion

“Full of quiet beauty the 6th album “Inexhaustible” is the sound of a master craftsman at work” Ian Mann (thejazzman.com)

“A musical journey to warm the soul” Sarah Ward (Jazz FM)

On Thursday 11th July 2013 in Frome Festival were treated to the wonderful music of the BRANCO STOYSIN TRIO in the launch of their new album ALONE.