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Where possible events are being moved to 2021.

If you have bought tickets and need a refund please contact the ticket agent. If you can hold off until we know whether the event is going to be featuring in 2021 that would be great as your ticket will be valid for the new date.


A week ago, the organisers of the Frome Festival had decided that we would defer making a decision on whether the Festival should go ahead this year in the light of the Coronavirus outbreak.

It is now clear that we will not be able to proceed with the 2020 Frome Festival in July.

Moving the Festival into another slot in the year would be speculative and involve complete re-programming.

In consultation with the Frome Festival Trustees, we intend holding our 20th Anniversary Festival from Friday 2nd to Sunday 11th July, 2021.

We are making efforts to re-engage the performers already booked for this year into the same outline schedule, and are happy for all our contributors to follow suit, effectively moving the same Festival on to 2021 as much as is possible.

Brochure advertising and programme submissions, where paid for, will be entitled to a refund. We are also presenting the option of our retaining the payment for next year's Festival, if preferred.

We have many people to contact and are working from home. We continue to receive e mails at this address. Please allow us time to deal with all the cancellations and look out for further messages. Contact by e mail or post. The office phone numbers will not be in use.

Good luck to all our friends, supporters and contributors. We hope to get on with the 20th Frome Festival for 2021 as soon as possible.

Best wishes,
Martin Dimery
Creative Director
Frome Festival

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