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This exhibition opens on Good Friday, April 19th, running until Thursday May 2nd, and is open each day from 10am to 6.30pm.

All are welcome to come to the preview on Thursday 18th April 6 – 9pm.

Barry has always explored the effects of local and international politics, and his reaction to them, through his paintings.

The show features redacted Front Pages of National Newspapers from 9/11/2001 to the present day, in an environment constructed from on-going studio creations, together with work from previous decades, after the artist’s supposed demise.

The exhibition is collated and hosted by Kate and Damon Moore with Craig Eyles.

All work will be for sale by silent auction; 50% of all proceeds will go to Fair Frome.

The event will also feature the premiere of Frome composer Luke Deane’s ‘Intervention’.

Luke studied piano and composition with International jazz pianist John Law in Frome, went on to study composing at Birmingham Conservatoire with Howard Skempton, and further in Amsterdam with Richard Ayres; he now lives and works there.

This year, Luke has been working on a completely autonomous, experimental television show, and invited Barry Cooper to Amsterdam as featured special guest in the first episode of ‘DeepFreezeTV’, which was co-created by a team of 15 international artists.

Luke Deane who was educated in Frome and now lives and works in Amsterdam.

“I first saw Barry and John Law work together, and later had the chance to experiment with the music/paint relationship in his studio. In March I invited him over to Europe to participate in some of this beautiful mayhem with me. As we were driving back to the UK after the show, we got talking about Armageddon R.I.P. and particularly about Messiaen’s Quartet for the End of Time; I’ve decided to create a kind of intervention using this piece for Barry’s gallery, which focusses on themes of memory, and inevitability.”

Barry Cooper Painter/Sculptor


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