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‘ I paint because I am rekindling a love that I abandoned when working for a living and enjoying the time consuming blessing of children. It took a period of being homebound to come back to what has now become a major part of my life.

All of these paintings in the gallery are personal. I have been influenced by my environment and have learned to look for the areas that give me inspiration.

All my paintings have started with nature, both internal (as in health) and external observation of our world; landscape, events and the memories that follow.

Whilst not overly representational, it is the more obvious images that lead me to greater abstraction.

Whether it is a fear or love of moving water I have often been trying to find a way to halt the movement and encapsulate a single moment in time.

All of these paintings owe something to one another – as pointers to the development of an idea.

As domestic sized paintings I have tried to see the hanging in my home as a way of knowing what I have done – like a litmus test. 

These have passed, others didn’t.’