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An evening of cutting edge electronic music and dazzling visuals
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Scanner’s Mass Observation AV performance takes us on a mesmeric and poetic musical journey through an intimate cinematic sonic world. Data leaks, cyber wars, and snooping charters make up the daily headlines. China has recently implemented a terrifying ‘social credit’ system, making true what we already feared to be true: that 1984 was a prescient work. Mass Observation is a live audiovisual performance that uses technology to explore the pitfalls of social media, and the mass observation of society as viewed through the all-seeing-eyes of CCTV.

Accompanied by a film that features surveillance footage and images taken from hidden cameras the performance uses live radio signals, dehumanised communications, abstract textures, mixed into a contextual electronic score. Unseen radio frequencies hang in the air. Domineering pylons stand like leviathans, occupying the fields.

‘Art can force questions, opinions, tear open the electromagnetic sphere itself and provide content where there is no content anymore in the wider mass media. One can try to alert people but it’s a challenge, evermore. I would hope that this work opens up a conversation ever wider.’ Robin Rimbaud – Scanner 2018

A masterful performance that reflects upon our times. Unsettling, questioning, Scanner presents our world back to us, mirroring our interaction with others

Libération 2019 Mass Observation was Premiered Live at Centre Pompidou Paris 2019

Joseph Hyde uses self-built analogue electronics to make warm and timeless electronic music, harking back to the simplicity and idealism of 60s minimalism. Jo is composer, sound and media artist and professor of sound and creative music technology at Bath Spa University.

£15 / £12 Concessions available: contact listenblackswan@gmail.com

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