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Photographer & writer Ciara Nolan began Humans of Frome in 2015 when her eye was caught by a local character. The project builds on her belief that everyone has a story. You could be an internationally recognised actor, a world famous recording artist, a shop keeper or a stay at home mum but your story is as relevant as the next person’s. The aim of the project & this exhibition is to feature as many people as possible, from all walks of life, whether born & bred locally or recent arrivals.  There is a new ‘Human of Frome’ in each issue of The Frome Times.  The Humas of Frome exhibition also marked the launch of Ciara Nolan’s novel ‘The Hidden Books’.

The story that goes with the picture on the poster above is as follows:

With the sudden and very sad passing of Lemmy of Motorhead and Hawkwind repute it seemed a good time to share this portrait.
Ronald ‘Ron’ Tree – you might all recognise him as someone who busks at the bottom of Frome’s Cheap Street. He dresses like an eccentric rock star and plays guitar like a demon, he also sometimes marches about town as though accompanied by an invisible entourage. He’ll often seem like he’s playing to a huge audience even if nobody is actually paying him any attention. I think that sometimes he is somewhere else entirely in his imagination…maybe back in New York with Hawkwind! For this guitar virtuoso who we all walk past on a regular basis was best known as frontman and bassist for the English space rock band Hawkwind from 1995 to 2002. He also played both these roles in the reunited Steve Took’s Horns in 2002, taking the place of the late Steve Peregrin Took. Prior to joining Hawkwind, Tree played with 20000DS & Plato’s Jacuzzi. So next time you see him playing there at the market cross end of Cheap Street perhaps stop and listen a little closer it’ll be worth the effort…..Ron can seriously play that guitar!

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